We are the home of independent theatre and arts in Winnipeg. And we are growing. Be part of the change !



A Signature Destination in the Heart of Osborne Village

For 200 nights each year our stage is graced by comedy troupes, theatre companies, dance ensembles, musicians, visual artists, students and educators. Our theatre is also known for supporting new artists from around Osborne Village and the surrounding area, showcasing local visual artists on our lobby walls and hiring local musicians to perform at our events. We are known as the place to go to see fantastic local comedy, music, visual art, and dance.

For many of these artists, the opportunity to mount a production using professional facilities, equipment, and technical expertise would not be financially possible. Because our rental cost is significantly less than most other Winnipeg venues with a similar house-size, we provide a valuable home for artists to present their craft on a professional stage. The venue not only meets the physical requirements of a typical roadhouse, but also offers support to new artists through mentorship with industry professionals including producers, technicians, stage managers, publicists and more.

In the 70s I listened regularly to a classical program on CBC called Off the Record with Bob Kerr. Winnipeg was often referred to as the Cultural Capital of Canada and I remember how proud I was and how good it felt to be living here.

I believe the arts are our identity as a community, and we have an opportunity here to invest in ourselves in the best of ways.

- Colin Lount: GSAC Co-Chair

Our Next Act

Our current ability to fulfill our mission is significantly hampered by the unsatisfactory condition of our facilities. This comes as no surprise when one considers the fact that the present theatre was created out of an old building which previously had served as a gas station. With no rehearsal space, limited access to its main stage from the wings, a relatively tiny lobby/crush space, the GSAC has been able to make do over the years. This is thanks to its competent management and responsible board oversight.

Be a Part of Our Show!

As one of Winnipeg’s most loved and respected theatres for the past thirty years, we can tell you that one person never creates a successful show. From the usher who rips your ticket to the audience that stands in ovation, nothing in theatre is ever done alone. Our new facility, with its enhanced performing and rehearsal spaces, along with our production and mentoring services, will provide artists and audience alike an even greater experience both onstage and off. As an investor in The Gas Station Arts Centre, you become part of this collaboration to sustain and grow as the cultural hub of Osborne Village, and a vital part of Winnipeg’s incredible arts scene.

Community, hope and dignity is what we are about.

- Harry Nelken: GSAC Performer